If you are in the process of planning a new residential or commercial construction project, finding the right general contractor is the first step to accomplishing this goal. If you are thinking of adding a face-lift to a residential or commercial structure, the general rule is the same-find a trusted general contractor with an excellent track record because a new construction project can present some grave problems for contractors with little experience in the construction industry. At Greenville Building, we will help you work out any issues associated with the project and make your new addition as

simple as possible. This is why we are the Upstate's preferred builder. We take your ideas and turn them into reality and plan the project out in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

At Greenville Building, we specialize in residential and commercial construction as well as renovations. If you want to completely remodel a home or a commercial structure, we will do the job for you. If you just want commercial additions, we are here to do the heavy work to make your construction project less stressful. We have completed numerous custom home additions as well as numerous commercial additions. We take great pride in our excellent variety of suppliers specially chosen to fit our customers' preference. We have a wide range of excellent trained staff and high quality suppliers with the best rates to meet your needs. Our general construction company offers efficient and high quality service to make sure that your construction or remodeling vision, both residential or commercial, will become a reality.