Greenville Building makes sure that all commercial projects are designed and constructed to yield the highest customer satisfaction rating. Moreover, we make sure before beginning the commercial project we will be able to finish the commercial project within the time frame agreed upon and within cost budget. Don't allow you're business to be victimized by the void promises of other commercial builders. Let Greenville Building be your next all-in-one commercial building solution.

Greenville building knows you're time is valuable and planning building projects can be extremely time consuming and challenging. Which is why we have developed a process of building that significantly minimizes the amount of time you will have to spend planning the commercial project out. We have been building commercial structures for a long time and know what questions to ask in order build to code and in such a way that will functionally serve your business in an efficient and effective manner. Greenville Building is also aware that you and the individuals that occupy your commercial facility will have to work in it every day and a even small layout problem can significantly affect the function of the commercial operations of your business. Therefore, we go the extra mile to try to think of all possible scenarios for the current and future operations of your commercial facility. We are commercial builders and we know that planning ahead saves time and money and ultimately, equals satisfied customers.

Greenville Building realizes that projects can be very exciting as well as an enormous headache when planning and working out all issues associated with the commercial building project. Greenville Building tries to aid in this area by consolidating the amount of questions, asking the right questions, and getting to the point as quick as possible. We actually want you to be able to go back and tell people how simple it was to build with Greenville Building and how happy you are about how the commercial project turned out. Amateur commercial builders are the only ones that have to call you all day long every day with questions due to their lack of experience and knowledge commercial construction, disabling their ability to foresee possible issues prior to starting the commercial project.

Greenville building realizes anyone can claim to be the best commercial builder, but actually being the best requires specialized knowledge, superior craftsmanship, perfect work ethic, and the right attitude. Building quality commercial structures is a matter of pride and excellence in the specified industry applied. We have heard of all kinds of stories over the years about other commercial builders like: they didn't finish the commercial project, didn't do what the commercial project called for, tried to charge me for premium materials and installed lesser materials, didn't finish within time frame agreed upon, and didn't complete the job within budget just to name a few.

Why choose

- ​#1 Builder and Consultant in Upstate SC 

- Custom Home Construction

- Commercial Builders

- Design Specialists Who Excel in Custom   Plans;      Turning Ideas Into Reality

- Growing With Our Market Area and Customer's Needs

- Renovations, Reconstruction, and Refurbishing

- The Very Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating of Any Upstate Builder

- Congenial, "Down-Home" Professionalism Attuned to Each Client's Needs

- Superior Quality in Workmanship Applied to Each Project

 We specialize in new construction and renovations for basically all commercial building structures... 


  • Schools                 
  • Town Homes
  • Store Fronts                    
  • New Facades             
  • Apartment
  • Electrical                              
  •  Plumbing                  
  • Renovations
  • Flooring                                
  • Strip Malls                 
  • Reconstruction