Greenville Building is a unique company that far exceeds the typical standard of design in the construction industry. Most projects are usually limited by what the contractor and/or contracted construction company is willing or able to do. Typically, this means that the client or customer must settle--feeling awkward or skeptical about suggesting preferences or suggestions in the construction of their own project. Greenville Building does not console or contribute to this common practice. We are passionate about building and customer satisfaction is our number one concern. "If we do not meet or exceed the clients expectation upon completion of the project, then we failed our client." This is the motto of our company, and we make every effort possible in the beginning stages of each project to avoid such occurrences by focusing extra attention in the commercial design of the project.

Our commercial design team will sit down with you to discuss all possible case scenarios of your project. If you are planning on expanding your facility more at a later date, we will discuss different layouts that may increase your ability to do so. If you anticipate adding new equipment at a later date for parts delivery like the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) made by Creo Form for example, we can discuss different aspects of the project that might be affected by such an addition. Adequately planning each project out saves you money and further increases the efficiency of your facility.Greenville Building knows it would be nearly impossible to guess exactly what style each client prefers or what functions will serve their business best. We know that you are the expert when it comes to what you want and need and we carefully listen. Narrowing

down exactly to the needs of your business may be challenging, but with our diversity in the construction industry you will be basically limitless in your building possibilities.