The roof of a home or commercial building is one that, if not kept up, can ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire structure in a short period of time. This is why if your roof is in need of repair it is vitally important that it is replaced or repaired. According to the National Weather Service, hail damage results in roughly one billion dollars in damages per year in the United States. Hail threatens most areas of the Unites States, and the country sustains an average of 3,000 hailstorms per year. However, hail and wind damage are one of the few things that are covered through home owners insurance if reported within one year of the incident. With 3,000 hailstorms reported per year, there is a reasonable possibility your home or building could have been damaged due to hail or wind damage. If your home or building is in need of repair or replacing, it would be wise to have someone knowledgeable of the damages caused by hail and wind evaluate your home or building prior to repairing or replacing the roof. Pictures have to be taken and an assessment must be made by a licensed contractor in order to file a claim. Greenville Building is knowledgeable in hail and wind damage repair and is eager to assist you in this area. Feel free to call or send us a message via email to set up a time and date to evaluate the roof of your home or building.