There are many residential builders in the Greenville, SC area that claim to design your home to fit your family or lifestyle.  At Greenville Building, it is a science.  Our design process allows us to construct a residential home around every aspect of your life..

Our process is more in-depth than you have ever heard of or seen.  We work to build a relationship with you to welcome an open discussion of how you live in your residential home:

  •  How you entertain in your new residential home
  • The types of visitors you have and how that could change as your family grows
  • Flow of traffic of the residents of your residential home
  • Any hobbies that you or your family may have
  • How and where you like to eat
  •  If you work in the residential home or ever plan to
  • How your kids and their friends play in the residential home

These are just a few of the aspects of your life we will discuss with you. The process starts with an interview in which Greenville Building asks detailed questions and then carefully, listens to what you say. Then, we examine each answer to determine the level of importance to you of each feature and its place in the budget. We make sure you get what is most important to you while staying true to the style of the residential home.